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A lot of water has flowed under the trestle since we (Dave and Chris) first met in university twenty years ago. Together with our families we have explored the obvious in the Parry Sound area, the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay and the inland lakes and trails that are not Muskoka.

But beyond the obvious we’ve also come to know the character of the place, that which only reveals itself when you put in enough time, that it’s not just the campfires over the years but the stuff that happened around them, not the dock but what it has been like to sit there for the umpteenth year in a row in the afternoon sun at 3 p.m. or to lie there on a clear cold night watching the Perseid meteor shower feeling summer slipping away again, and it’s not just the rocks but hiking down the shoreline to your favourite rock to go for a swim like you did with your kids when you were younger.

You realize that this is where you want to be.

And in part it’s the weather-worn faces, the guy who makes you belly-laugh when he tells you a new joke (or at least a joke that he figures he hasn’t told you before) when you’re filling up at the full service, the woman who broke through a layer of snow into an occupied black bear den while cross country skiing on a late spring day, the stories about the artists and odd characters who moved up here when it still had an end of the road feel to it, but it’s not just the people and the myths.

It’s a hundred places in one and states of mind and palates of flavours that add up to the secret character of the area.

Our story has moved, is moving and will move towards expressing all that in a particular set of textures and tastes.

We love food, we love brewing beer, we love the Parry Sound area.

We’d like you come and join us on our adventure. Welcome to our lives and a special place.

This is our story, let us be a part of yours.

Dave and Chris
Trestle Brewing Company Limited
Parry Sound, Ontario

Photo Courtesy of Sound Design Photography
Feature Photo Courtesy of Sound Design Photography

28 thoughts on “Trestle Brewing Company – Brewpub in Planning”

    1. Thanks Darryl!

      Please be sure to follow us on Twitter @trestlebrewing, on Facebook at Trestle Brewing Company, or sign up for our newsletter on this site.

      Updates coming this Thursday!


      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Thank you Vicki! Please stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter, following on Twitter or Facebook.


      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Cheers Heather!

      Hopefully we will be open in Spring 2016. We look forward to seeing you there!

      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Cheers Chris!

      We have a great Saison we are working on that you will like as well!

      Stay tuned.

      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Yuppers Bill! We are working on an India Red Ale which so far has been our favourite.

      Thanks for visiting and please sign up for our newsletter.

      Trestle Brewing Company

      1. I can walk the trail from Bay St sit and have a nice brew and enjoy life with no worries, can,t wait for this to happen.

        1. Cheers Bob!

          You can stop in to Bistro By the Bay for a cold one this weekend if you want to get unthirsty!

          The Trestle Team

    1. Thanks for your kind words.

      We are feeling the love from a lot of people and it is good!

      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Thanks for your best wishes!

      Our focus will be on providing great craft beer but we are planning on providing a menu with high quality locally sourced food as well.


      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Roy,

      Thanks for your question.

      We are planning to have many different styles throughout the year. While we are not opening with a Dunkel Weiss, it is on the list to brew. Have you had Muskoka’s Winter Weiss? It is awesome!

      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. Thank Katy!

      We can’t wait to serve customers locally produced Middle River Farm fresh food!

      Say that 10x as fast as you can!

      Trestle Brewing Company

    1. It is a great place to live, work and visit – that is certain.

      FYI – Orr’s honey garlic sausage and our Citra hopped Pale Ale for supper tonight made for a fine feast!

      Trestle Brewing Company

  1. Can’t wait for your brewery. We just bought a place near Parry Sound and we’ll be spending a lot if time there. PS needs a good brew pub and we will visit as soon as you’re open. All the best boys!

    1. Cheers Chris! With the warm sunny days we’ve had lately all we can think about is getting our patio open in Spring 2016! We look forward to meeting you then!

      The Trestle Boys

  2. Looking foward to checking out your brewery this summer I have a couple of relatives that live in PS, so I guess I will be staying with them the next time I visit. I worked myself for forty years at the brewery by Pearson Airport as a Quality Analyst in the lab. So I am interested to see your operation.

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