Site Work & Remediation Underway- Here We Go!

Better late than never. This is our story. Sorry we have been away for a while working hard on making this happen…

We are happy to report that our project is underway after encountering many hurdles. (Hurdles hmmm… may be a good name for a beer!) We found ways to work with people to solve issues and go around, over or through them to get to this point. We are excited to have site work under way as of December 5th and we are the proud owners of a large hole in the middle of the property. As the previous property owner had a fuel oil business on the site we expected to find some contaminated soil but did not expect the barriers we encountered to solving the contamination problem. Long and the short of it is that the property is undergoing a full remediation under the supervision of environmental engineers.

It’s a good news, bad news story really. Bad news that the remediation stretches our budget, but good news that the property will be cleaned up and have a brand new brewery on it for everyone in our community to enjoy.

And that is what this becomes more about to us everyday – our community. We see it and we feel it everywhere. There is an incredible outpouring of support from you and it continues to be humbling to talk to you about our project and to see the excitement you share with us about it.

During the week of the site prep and when the digging was underway, a good hundred of you came out to walk by on the fitness trail, drove over and parked on the boulevard above the property to see the action and what was happening. It was a pleasure to meet many of you and privilege to talk to you and update you in person about our journey to date and plans for the future.

To recap. We salvaged some of the materials from the old building to re-purpose in the new building and then the old building was demolished. We found some old signs and other artifacts in the wall cavities of the building and will put those on display in the new space. We grubbed the site and hauled away the contaminated soil and now it looks like a large meteor managed a direct hit in the middle of the property.

It snowed hard the last few days and the site will be put to bed until the spring. In the meantime we have ordered our brew house and other equipment is on the way to be delivered next spring. In January, the building design will be well underway and other planning of the millions of other tasks we have to complete will be acted on.

It is great to sink our teeth into this and we look forward to hosting you (cross your fingers) in our new home next summer.

Rough calculations put it at about 210 sleeps away. Stay tuned!

Have a happy holiday season! Best wishes to you all!

The Trestle Boys



8 thoughts on “Site Work & Remediation Underway- Here We Go!”

  1. Hey Dave, do I ever understand your dilemma! Went through those same issues when trying to sell the Ariss Haulage property.
    Really looking forward to the brewery! My summer place is about 20 minutes away, so I’ll be there!

  2. Iam originally from Parry Sound and Iam very interested in trying your beer when your up and running.
    I love the small craft beer and have many favourites from all over Ontario.
    Glad you guys are still proceeding with the plan and look forward to seeing the new digs

  3. Hi, there I am currently an Office Administration student working with Northern College of Applied arts. Do you intend to hire? And if so who do send my resume and cover later too.
    Andrea Milne

    1. Hi Andrea and thanks for your interest in our project.

      You can email your resume to

      We will also be holding our own job fair so be sure to LIKE us on FB to get updates.

      The Trestle Boys

  4. Another year bites the dust eh?

    Have you considered selling the property to someone that can actively move along rebuilding Parry Sound’s waterfront?

    1. Hey Joseph!

      We have considered many things along the way… but we will mostly love manufacturing and drinking a cold beer brewed by us on our property called Perseverance. It will be a light happy and hoppy beer with a whole lotta “We got it done” in it…

      We hope you will join us at our opening. In the interim you can order our delicious Golden Ale on tap or in cans at one of our fine local establishment. To find out where – WHERE TO BUY.

      You could also join us on one of our awesome craft beer cruises in August!


      The Trestle Team

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