Beer Glass Half Full Kind of People

You know that feeling you get when you have been let down by someone you trusted? You know that feeling when you have worked really hard at something for a long time and then it doesn’t work out? That is what we have been experiencing since the beginning of October.

In getting this project up and moving we have met literally hundreds of self-described professionals. Few are, and others are absolutely not. The challenge is always trying to figure out who is who. When you find good ones, you put your trust in them and others… well… life is too short.

It seems strange to me that everyone we talk to asks about working with the Town of Parry Sound. It usually starts with talk about barriers to progress. Our experience has been that the TOPS staff have been a great resource. And they are not the only ones who deserve kudos. We have had great support from CBDC, BDC and NOHFC and FedNOR. And we have had an incredible outpouring of support from you. It is humbling to talk to you about our project and to see the excitement you share about it.

We had a roller coaster ride of being told by our bank “you are good to go” followed by soft declines followed by “yes- it is approved” followed by soft declines. Rinse and repeat that for 30+ days. Then we got a firm decline.

Our feeling of failure lasted about 3 weeks.

Then we analyzed and rejigged and have started to run forward again slightly drunk – because you have to be either crazy or drunk to build a brewery it seems. We are at a new place and it is not what failure looks like from where we sit.

Bad news is we won’t be open for Spring 2016.

However, we are beer glass half full kind of people, so onward.

We are now planning to break ground in Spring 2016 and look forward to a Fall 2016 opening. That presents a whole new set of challenges but we will meet them as they come up.

We continue to be beliebeers.


The Trestle Boys

15 thoughts on “Beer Glass Half Full Kind of People”

  1. Well – welcome to Parry Sound. It’s great and you will love it. I have worked for Toronto EMS for a number of years and I’m just in the process of getting to retire. We have had a place in the Parry Sound area for over 26 years and that is where we are looking at retiring. Looking forward to your opening. Cheers! Doug

    1. Thanks for your kind words Doug…

      I look forward to meeting you, thank you for your EMS service and enjoy your retirement!

      The Trestle Boys

  2. Hi Chris, sorry hear that there are so many roadblocks put in your way. Nice to hear that the PS town staff have been supportive.
    i have the same experience.
    If you need some hands on help with organizing or anything else let me know. My wife recently retired from her job at PSDSSAB and could use a new focus and a bit of income later on.

  3. We were looking forward to visiting you last summer. Now bummed to find you won’t be able this summer either. We feel your frustration.

    1. We are up for our annual two weeks in July. Will this be the third summer in a row that we won’t be able to visit you?.

      1. Hey Paul! Sorry to disappoint again! Big project = big problems – but we keep moving forward and we will have our beer in local restaurants and pubs this summer in the Parry Sound area.


        The Trestle Boys

  4. My business is located across the road from you and I look forward to seeing your new business in Parry Sound.

  5. Can’t wait for you guys to open!!! 🙂 fingers crossed for no more bumps in the road and opening this fall!!!

    1. Thanks Melinda we have our fingers crossed as well. We are drilling holes on Monday. We hope to start building in September and we will be open for March 2017! Please be patient – good things come to those who wait….


      The Trestle Boys

  6. Never never never give up. Your commitment is excellent. Parry Sound can only be the better for having your company in Lakeland play land.

  7. Good luck lads! Looking forward to your opening. Seems to me everyone who plans to open a brewery is beset with issues. And everyone of them perseveres and in the end succeeds. Keep it up! Parry Sound needs you!

    1. Thanks Matt! Please be sure to stop in when we are open and introduce yourself…

      The Trestle Boys

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